WEIGHT LOSS InShapeMD has three weight loss plans that are structured to meet your particular weight loss needs. Our weight loss consultant will help you determine which plan is best for you. • Semaglutide & Tirzepatide Weight Loss Programs • Phentermine Prescription / Low Calorie Diet • Unicity 12-Week Transformation Diet All of our programs include: Weight loss prescription Weight loss lab panel: 
 Includes: CBC w/ Diff, CMP, Lipid, Thyroid Panel, HegA1c, Vitamin D Full body fat composition analysis report Office visit with Dr. Matthew deKay Full diet, food and exercise recommendations Weekly consultation with a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant Weekly weight check-in accountability Weekly vitals Weekly vitamin B12 injection 60-day follow-up visit with Dr. Matthew deKay Food journal for documenting food choices Semaglutide & Tirzepatide Weight Loss Programs These are FDA approved medications for the treatment of obesity and co-morbidities associated with obesity, such as Type 2 Diabetes, sleep apnea, and hypertension. Our Start-Up Injection Program uses this injectable prescription to help lose weight and keep the weight off. This medication is used for adults who want to lose weight or have weight-related medical problems. This medication: regulates blood sugar which is necessary for weight loss and slows gastric emptying so your appetite remains satisfied longer Phentermine Prescription / Reduced Calorie Diet For individuals who prefer a more traditional weight loss plan with more calorie flexibility, the Phentermine Prescription / Reduced Calorie Diet, might be the program for you. Phentermine is the most widely used prescription appetite suppressant by bariatricians. The program includes a free consultation, a physician visit, a 1-month supply of prescription appetite suppressants, four energy boosting B-12 injections and a weekly visit with our nutritionist over four weeks. (You must meet certain, physician approved, criteria to qualify for this diet.) Unicity 12-Week Transformation Diet The Unicity 12-Week Transformation Diet is a more measured weight loss program that utilizes four important core products: Unicity Balance, Unicity Protein, Unicity Matcha and Unicity LiFiber. These products are designed to help your body stop storing fat and start burning it by: slowing glucose absorption supporting healthy blood levels curbing hunger adding a high vitamin protein to your diet providing you an added energy supplement and increasing your fiber. This 3-month program includes a free consultation, a physician visit, a 12-week supply of the Unicity products, 12 weekly energy boosting B-12 injections and 12 weekly visits with our nutritionist. In addition, this program can also be completed through weekly phone visits with a Unicity Consultant.
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